Sunday 27 January 2013

The Londoner's tantalising recipes!

This week in the office, whilst taking a look at the lovely Rosie's blog we accidently (on purpose) clicked on to her recipes tab at the top of her blog. An hour or so later we were left feeling very hungry and inspired to rustle something interesting up for dinner.

There are so many delicious recipes on Rosie's blog and the ones pictured above are just a few of our favourites. In particular we loved her Avocado Spaghetti (which we have all now made as it is SO easy!), her gigantic Oreo Cake and we couldn't not share with you her Nacho Burger! Yes you heard right, not only does this burger consist of beef, cheese and bun, but also nachos and guacamole!!! Heaven.

Just writing this post is making our tummies rumble again.

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