Friday 25 September 2015

etailPR Presents: Glamour Outfitters

Campaign Criteria:
500 followers on either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
English Speaking bloggers

Why choose Glamour Outfitters?
Glamour Outfitters have always aspired to find that line of clothing that is a little bit different and unique.  We believe that we are the go-to place for all fashion fans, particularly those who love to try new styles! 
They are committed to offering unique styles in a full range of UK sizes. They design and sell their own Glamour Outfitters brand of clothing; a range of flared jeans and cargo jeans. 

Post Requirements:
In exchange for your sample, you must complete the following:
Blog Post with 300 words of content and 3 great images of sample.
3 links to the brand/product and 1 link to etailPR.

The post must be shared to Instagram and Twitter tagging the brand.
Twitter: @glamouroutfit
Instagram: @glamouroutfitters

Display of etailPR logo (found through blogger network: Badges>Search 'etailPR Blogger Network'> Badge of your choice> Copy & paste banner code and add to sidebar on your blog)

Requesting Samples:
Samples can take up to one week to be accepted or declined.
After being accepted samples take up to one week to be posted out to you.

Once you have received your sample, you have two weeks to post about your sample and upload it to the network

Log into your etailPR account, to apply for the campaign and get your trends in preference order! We cannot wait to see this collaboration in all its cosy, knitted, grungy glory!

To re-activate your account, simply click here and reset your password!

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