Thursday 4 June 2015

Cost Per Lead Opportunity - Aptaclub

Cost Per Lead Opportunity!

UK Bloggers ONLY

Must host a banner on your blog/website so we can track who signs us from your activity.

About Aptaclub:

Aptaclub would like to pay you to promote their brand. By encouraging people to click through to their website and complete a signup form, you could receive £2.50 per lead!

Cost per lead, often abbreviated as CPL, is where the advertiser pays for a sign-up from a consumer interested in the advertiser's offer. It is also commonly called online lead generation.

Aptaclub offers early life nutrition expertise, from conception & pregnancy to toddlerhood. Services include…

-       Free expert advice, available 24/7 from their team of midwives, nutritionists and advisors
-       Personalised emails, helping you to make informed choices from your stage of pregnancy to toddlerhood
-       Offers, how-to-guides, checklists and practical advice from preparing birth to feeding your baby
- Quick registration

If you want to sign up to Aptaclub yourself you can do so here!

How to apply?

Step 1
Log into your account here.

Step 2
Sign up to the Aptaclub Leaf Generation campaign located under the 'Promotions' tab in your profile. Once accepted you can get earning right away!

Step 3
Any questions contact or call us on 01242 238373

Suggested Post Requirements:

You will increase your chances of earning from this campaign by blogging about Aptaclub:

Blog Post of 300 words.
Use of a tracked link (found through blogger network: Promotion>Banners & Links> Search 'Chi Chi - Sample Campaigns'> Search result: Aptaclub text link'> Copy & paste link into blog post).

Display an Aptaclub banner (found through blogger network: Promotion>Banners & Links>Search ‘Aptaclub - Sample Campaigns'> Search result: ‘Aptaclub banner'> Copy & paste banner code into blog post or add to sidebar on your blog).

Display of etailPR logo (found through blogger network: Promotion>Banners & Links>Search 'etailPR Blogger Network'> Banner of your choice> Copy & paste banner code and add to sidebar on your blog).

Terms & Conditions
- The commission amount is visible within your campaign.
- In order to be paid, you must make sure that your payment details are up to date.
- Payments can be made to those that have met the payment threshold of £20. Any commissions below this will need to reach £20 in subsequent campaigns before payment  will be made.

- Payment dates will be confirmed when the campaign has ended.

- After the campaign has ended, etailPR await confirmation from the brand on the number of valid leads that have been generated in total and by each blogger on the campaign. Only when this has taken place is etailPR authorised to release payment.

- Payment will only be made on leads that are 100% valid and genuine. Any leads deemed to be fraudulent will not be counted or paid out for. This is down to the discretion of etailPR and Aptaclub.

- For this reason, entries the survey must only be promoted via personal blog, or social media channels. Entries to the survey are not to be promoted on competition sites ONLY. Any bloggers within the network found to be promoting the competition in any way except those deemed acceptable will be removed from the campaign and ineligible for commission 
from the campaign.

- All leads generated are subject to manual approval by etailPR before they can be  confirmed for payment.

- Payments will be made on the last day of the month following the month where the payment threshold was reached by the 14th. For example if you reached £20 on the 13th of June you would be paid the last day

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