Tuesday 7 April 2015

What Does it Mean to Have a Blog? From a Fashion Blogger...

Hi guys, I’m Natalie and I founded the blog, TheNattiness!

In this article I’d like to share with you, my thoughts and tips on blogging. Especially how the blogging has influenced my life and the journey it has taken me on!

Firstly I would like to introduce myself so you can get to know me a bit. As well as interning at etailPR, I work for FashionTV Czech & Slovak, do a little bit of modelling & dance.

The Nattiness is my personal fashion, lifestyle and travel blog. I’m from the Czech Republic, however as you can see in the category “Travel the World”, I’ve visited a lot of destinations since my blog “was born” – I lived in California for four months, travelled the West Coast of the USA and also Europe.

I am currently living in England and am here until June. I’m studying Marketing, Advertising and Branding course and the University of Gloucestershire and thanks to that I found the opportunity to have an internship. Firstly I didn’t want to work at all during my stay but then I found etailPR is offering intern opportunities! I absolutely didn’t expect to find internship interesting like this.  It’ s meant to be for me and that’s why I’m here, learning how a marketing agency works and building relationships with the professional people here. One of my first tasks was to write this article and tell you about my blogging adventure. 

Just to let you know what I am talking about, I have been blogging for around a year and what a year it has been! I hope this post will help to open your eyes and maybe even motivate you to start or continue in your blogging because in my opinion it is worth it, no doubts.

When I’ve started with my blog I didn’t have any tiny idea how big passion it will become for me. Additionally, I couldn’t have imagined how enriched my life can be thanks to my blog. So how did that happen and what the blogging gave me? Firstly it has definitely helped me, in the sense of getting to know who I am. It might sound silly but it’s true. When I’m writing new post, taking the pictures and filming the videos it is always me who is bringing that new idea how it will look like. I love to focus on how to bring my followers something new, interesting what’d be interesting for them and still will be personally from me. I love everything nice, creative, luxurious or artistic so anytime I’m posting a picture or video it’s because I fell in love it and I think people will like it and it will make them smile, think, inspire them or just make their day nicer.

Of course, it takes a lot of time to prepare one post but thanks to that I’ve learned how to organize my time, set my values and to know how to reach my goal. It is really easy to fall into the virtual life, because I’m present on all my social media accounts all day long until I jump to bed to have some sleep. Hence, I’m trying to balance my time and enjoy it, not to spend it only online. I just can’t say “no” to hang out with my friends to go for a trip somewhere or be with my family.  I just want to a live life worth writing about! 

The positive influences from my blogging have recently become really apparent to me. I’ve started getting better in my writing skills, Computer literacy (in terms of editing pictures and videos, and also how to be aware what I’m saying and how in the videos).  One of the best things about blogging is meeting new people! I just love to be in contact with my readers because we all share the same passion!

I definitely can’t forget to mention collaborations! When your blog starts getting bigger there’ll be opportunities to collaborate with brands in your industry. That’s also one opportunity how to give something back to your readers for their loyalty and support. Just be aware not to collaborate with everybody because you really shouldn’t get it only because it’s free. Keep on your mind it still needs to represent your own values and go along with your blog’s vision. I’ve had so amazing collaboration! Thanks to my Newcomer of the Year award in the Blogger of the Year pageant, I’ve started collaborated with brands such as Olympus, for instance. I’ve travelled with them to Vienna as well! With Trendsplant and Dreamsea surf camp I was invited to Lanzorote for a week this December! They knew about all my modelling experience, Fashion TV work and that I love surfing. Therefore we did a photo shoot there and they taught me how to surf! I have had so many fantastic opportunities through my blog and I would like to thank everyone who has given me opportunities to collaborate with them.

My blog is not only about fashion it is additionally about my lifestyle, healthy, food tips and my own opinions. Moreover considering the fact I’ve spent almost 9 months from last 12 months abroad “in my suitcase”, it is of course about my travels! I’m trying to show the atmosphere and lifestyle of each destination that it could inspire people to travel as well or to know where to go if they’d be in that area! I also show what I wear and film the videos to stay in contact with all my The Nattiness friends. My time in California, Lanzarote, Vienna, round trip in the USA and now my stay in England is just amazing experience itself. When I think about that it can also inspire or help people in all ways it is also making me to smile and enjoy it even more.

Blogging is an activity I would definitely recommend to all of you. In my opinion it allows for you to explore who you are and can lead you to places you have never thought about, moreover, you might have never heard about those possibilities. If you have already set certain goal in your life, to have a blog can definitely help you to achieve it.  You can be writing about your journey, passion and effort you are gradually putting into it.  You can see your progress, organise all necessary steps and you’ll be able to look back even after several years to remind how hard you worked for that. On top of that, you will never be alone. 

You will find a notional family within your blog accompanying you everywhere. They’ll perceive your stories, pictures and simply anything you’ll be posting and give you feedback as a reaction. Blogging is about communication with your online ‘family’ and you’ll be able to find a lot of people with the same passion, which will motivate you and give you energy to continue in that what you’ve started. 

You really need to love blogging; only then you can overcome all the difficulties, which will challenge you. Moreover, only then you may feel the positive influence during all the years you’ll spend with your blog. Do you know the cliché saying to do everything you do with love? That is blogging. No matter what you are or you are going to blog about, it just has to be your desire, your own will to do it and trust me – it will become significant part of you, gradually evolving your spirit. Just dive in!

Would you be interested in interning with etailPR? Email them today on digitalpr@etailpr.com or check them out here for more opportunities like I did! :)

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